Blacklist Productions holds a reputation for CINEMATIC, HIGH QUALITY photo and video

Founded by artist Jay Seeney, the company was built with a vision to produce QUALITY, IMPACTFUL imagery and film

In just three short years, Seeney has filmed with the best in the AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC business

Lee Kernaghan, The Wolfe Brothers, Travis Collins, Jasmine Rae, Luke O'Shea, Lyn Bowtell, Ashleigh Dallas, Andrew Swift, Troy Kemp, Drew McAlister, Benn Gunn, Matt Cornell and Mike Carr are just A FEW names that demand the best the industry has to offer


The company's major credits include THREE GOLDEN GUITAR NOMINATIONS, 2019 #1 music video on CMC, three #1 videos on CMC and country pick + over 100 music videos on The Country Music TV

Blacklist Productions' videos have received over TWO MILLION views online

Backroad nations (Lee Kernaghan) was also streamed during the 2020 Fire Fight Concert to over 75,000 PEOPLE in ANZ Stadium

As an artist and business owner, Jay understands the importance of POWERFUL and CAPTIVATING media

His video style revolves around highlighting Australia's BEST ARTISTS in some of the MOST DESIRABLE locations around the country

Jay combines RICH COLOURS with POWERFUL VISUALS, leaving a lasting impression in today's crowded digital space


Blacklist Productions has filmed major videos for brands LOCALLY and AUSTRALIA-WIDE

The company's work includes music videos, photoshoots, weddings, corporate events, live streaming, real estate and aerial photography/videography


Take your brand to the next level with BLACKLIST PRODUCTIONS